What is eTA to Sri Lanka?

The eTA Srilanka can be described as the Electronic Travelling authority of Sri Lanka. It is an electronic visa that replaces the need for stamping the visa to Sri Lanka while traveling into it.

Who requires an eTA to Srilanka?

eVisa SriLanka
eVisa SriLanka

The person or persons who want to travel to Sri Lanka will have to apply for eTA Sri Lanka online.

How to get an eTA to Sri Lanka?

In order to get an eTA to Sri Lanka you simply have to complete an online application form electronic visa for Sri Lanka eTA. In your online application you will have to provide the deTAils of your passport, your current debit/credit card like Visa card, MasterCard, American Express or UK Maestro etc. as well as the deTAil of the persons traveling with you.

While applying for an eTA for Sri Lanka you must be out of this country and have a passport valid for minimum 6 months from the date of application. So while applying your Sri Lankan eTA you must give the number of the passport you are traveling on as your eVisa will be linked to it.

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Other important information

eTA to Sri Lanka
eTA to Sri Lanka

Validity of eTA

An eTA to Sri Lanka is valid for 3 months.

How long you can stay in Srilanka?

With your eTA you can stay up to 30 days n Sri Lanka.

What will be the type of your entry?

For tourist visa the entry will be double as you can visit Twice during the validity of your e-visa whereas for business visa multiple entry is allowed.

When you have to apply for eTA?

You should apply for eTA for Sri Lanka at least two days to 90 days before the date of traveling to Sri Lanka as it may roughly take 24 hours to process your application.

Do you have to Print your eTA?

You need not print your eTA to Sri Lanka.

The validity of your passport

Your passport should be valid at least for 6 months from the date of your traveling.

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Can you arrange your visa on arrival?

Yes, you can also arrange your Visa On Arrival for Sri Lanka after reaching here. Sri Lankan government has stated Visa on Arrival service for various countries including India, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the UK, Australia, etc. from 1st May 2019 for the next six months. It can be extended further if it performed successfully during the initial period.

Is overstay possible?

Yes, your eTA to Srilanka allows you an extension of stay up to 90 days at the cost of 69 EUR.

Benefits of using our online Visa service

The online visa service provided by private agencies can be beneficial for you in many ways like electronic payment of the charges of online visa application, 24/7 accessibility, instant uploading as well as updating your deTAils and other information online, and the ability to check the status of your visa application anytime.